Frequently Asked Questions

You should arrive at Sangster International Airport, (Montego Bay MBJ). Once you clear immigration and customs, you will proceed to the arrivals hall where excess luggage will then be taken by a porter. If you made arrangements for airport transfers with BestJamaica, you should walk to Kiosk #4 BestJamaica transportation.  They will help make your transition smooth.

If you arranged for a car rental, then, you will have to find your rental company.  If you are arranged private transportation, then, proceed through the glass sliding exit door and turn to your right to meet your driver. If you decided to take your own mode of transport, make sure you take the relevant villa address and telephone numbers that are listed on this website.  You will need that for Customs and immigration forms, as well as access to Mammee Bay Estate.

itti Barry Villa
20 (Lot 3) Beach Road
Mammee Bay Estate
Ocho Rios, St. Ann
(876) 633-1416

Please note that the CHECK IN TIME IS 3PM, CHECK OUT TIME IS 11AM. Your staff will be happy to greet you! Earlier check-in must be pre-arranged with the villa’s concierge: Dahlia Klein (876-507-8706)

Upon arriving at itti Barry villa, you will be greeted by the friendly staff, who will give you a tour of the property. You can then select your rooms and relax thereafter. The cook would have prepared your choice of meal and will be served at your preferred dining area.


The villa staff usually work 4-5 hours per day. For the staff, an appropriate gratuity is 10% – 15% of the villa rental (10% in Winter and 15% in Summer), and the drivers’ tip is normally $20 for excursions.
Post COVID -19, the staff is not allowed to shake hands with guests or greet with hugs. They will wear masks and gloves when working at the Villa.  They will also bath and change into informs at the Villa.


Before you depart for your vacation, we will ask you to purchase your first dinner and breakfast options. listed under the “Meal Plans” tab.   On your first full day at the villa,  you can discuss with the Chef, types of foods you would like for the rest of your stay if anyone has any allergies or food dislikes, etc.

The cook will do the grocery shopping for you. The is a $20 USD service charge for the service. If you have hired a van and driver, then you may organize a time for him/her to go with the driver). If you need certain things, from the supermarket, you can just make a list and she will get them. Remember you are on vacation! If you would like to go to the grocery store, you are also welcomed to go and experience shopping for yourself.

A good budget is about $45-$65 per adult for 3 meals and about $20 per child per day. Meal costs are variable and depending on what you do choose, this will affect the budget. Choosing items such as lobster, shrimps or imported meats will increase your budget. Also, be aware that local lobster and conch are delicacies that have seasons. The lobster season is closed April 1 to June 30 and the conch season is closed July 1 to October 30. The only way these should be purchased is if there were available frozen in grocery stores and this too is regulated.


Your villa has been approved for 2 persons’ maximum per bedroom, a total of 8 maximum at itti Barry. Any breach in the maximum approved occupancy, may result in your stay being cut short. Where unexpected extra persons have not gained the approval of the owner and Concierge to stay at the villa, guests may incur a nightly extra person charge that must be settled in cash before departing the villa.

Please take reasonable care of your own personal property and lock away important items either in the villa safe, or in a luggage compartment known to only you. itti Barry Villa is not responsible for loss or stolen items. Please use the villa safes provided or lock away important items in a luggage compartment known to you.


Any damages to the villa property must be noted and discussed with the head of household guest before your departure. Please also contact

Dahlia Klein, Vacation Stay office @ (876) 507-8706 (JA), (855) 526-7829 (US) so we can assess the severity of the damage. Damages can be paid for at the villa or can be deducted from your security deposit. If damage is solely accidental and an ARDI plan has been purchased a claim must be made before your departure.


We want you to have a great time at the villa but please be considerate of your neighbors and have outdoor music turned down by 10pm.


Smoking is not permitted at itti Barry Villa. Please use the outdoor grassy lawn areas for this purpose. Smoking in the home will result in a loss of your security deposit.



If you have reserved less bedrooms in the villa than the full number of bedrooms, the other bedrooms must remain unoccupied. Remember that you are paying a lower rate for using less bedrooms in the villa, however, be assured the entire villa property will remain private for just your family/group.

Jamaica is a tropical island! If you are susceptible to mosquitoes, please bring along your favorite insect repellant.

They love food! If you bring food into the bedrooms or living rooms/media rooms…. ants/cockroaches will follow your food trail! We highly recommend you eat in the designated indoor or outdoor dining areas. The household help cleans and sweep these areas often, keeping the insects away.

Your chef is very versatile and is happy to take your requests, they can also make recommendations for you. It is best to sit down with the cook and work out a schedule for the week. Let your cook know when you will be going out for lunch or dinner, so he/she won’t buy groceries for those meals. It is appreciated for dinners to be served before 7pm to try and accommodate any staff members that need to get home at a decent hour to their families and have an early morning rise to get your villa started for morning duties.


Please give the chef some indication of your preference in scheduling of mealtimes. They will do the best to accommodate you so that you can do the relaxing and touring, while they prepare some of the best villa cuisine on island!



Swimming pools are not guarded, and swimming is at your own risk. Please take extra care when around the pool as the deck can be slippery. Keep an extra close eye when children are in and around the pool. No jumping or diving in the pool is allowed.


Please advise us if you expect visiting guests or else extra person charges may apply and be taken off your security deposit.  All guests must be cleared at the security gate to enter the property.



If you are having a small wedding at a villa, congratulations! Itti Barry villa wedding is going to be gorgeous and will be something you and your guests will remember for a lifetime! You should have already organized your wedding coordinator and have all your vendors in place. Please abide by the noise policy, and extra persons policy. All wedding reception meals must be catered by an outside company which prepares the food offsite. As most villa do not have commercial kitchens, you may use the villa kitchen for prepping and reheating only.





Please clear your food and grocery purchases with the Concierge 1 to 2 days BEFORE you depart the villa. If the chef has accumulated the bills for you, you can tally this with he/her and pay him/her in cash and reimburse the cook. It is important that ALL FOOD/GROCERY BILLS are cleared 1 to 2 days BEFORE you leave the villa.






Please remember to double check the rooms of the villa for your personal belongings. It is extremely costly to ship things back home and separate courier and administration fees will apply.


On the morning of your departure, enjoy your breakfast before leaving the villa. Your driver will inform you of the pick-up time from the itti Barry. While we wish you did not have to leave our wonderful island, we must remind you that you need to reach the airport at least 2 hours prior to your flight time.

We look forward to making sure you have a memorable villa vacation in Jamaica!


All Guests must be prepared for their own protections by bringing hand sanitizers, face mask coverings, disinfectants, and practicing social distancing out in public.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Contaminate hands can transfer the virus. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use the inside of your elbow. Throw used tissues in the trash.

The Villa is cleaned thoroughly before and after each reservation.  Mattresses are steam cleaned, linens are changed each stay, washed with disinfectants, sun-dried, and changed for each stay.  Dishes are washed in hot water and disinfected before rinsing and stored. High–touch surfaces are cleaned multiple times daily throughout your stay.  Decorative pillows are removed from beds and chairs to help control contamination. Cleaning disinfections used are a bleach solution, Lysol and Fabuloso which manufactures advertise as eliminating 99% of viruses including Corona