Afternoon Tea

Traditional Jamaican Afternoon Tea in The Caribbean

Afternoon tea has long been enjoyed in Jamaica as a colonial pastime.

For many Jamaicans, there is nothing like a good cup of ‘bush tea’. It is the preferred unofficial medicine for almost all ailments.

While their medicinal purposes are debatable, some of these popular Jamaican teas are perfect for spurring that hearty belch (burp) after breakfast, dinner or bedtime.

Tucked away in the charming coastal town of Ocho Rios in the parish of Saint Ann, Itti Barry Villa is an elegant destination for afternoon tea in the Caribbean.

Afternoon tea, and quite frankly, tea at any time, has long been a tradition in our family. It has always been a time to rest, come apart and share conversations with family. We want to share this complimentary pastime with our itti Barry guests. 

Come and enjoy a traditional Jamaican Afternoon Tea at itti Barry Villa. 

Sample our delicious Jamaican cakes, pastries, and parfaits, there is also the chance to try a local ‘bush’ tea made with fresh local ingredients.

Traditional Jamaican Afternoon Tea | Itti Barry Villa