Food Expenses at the Villa

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If this isn’t your first-time staying at a Jamaica vacation villa, you know first-hand that meals are an integral part of the experience.

It is not to be compare with a hotel stay which often offer all-inclusive meal packages. Your choice to stay at a villa, is likely, because you preferred the family environment of a home away from home. 

However, first-time renters can waste both time and money trying to shop for food themselves. The staff at itti Barry Villa are here to assist you with those tasks, allowing you to completely relax and enjoy your stay with excellent meals provided.   

If you do not purchase or have enough food purchased on your behalf, you simply won’t have a quality dining experience and will have unhappy members of your group.

You will need to increase your budget if your group prefers fine dining, e.g. lobster, filet mignon and plan to purchase alcoholic beverages, especially beer, wines and champagne.

  1. You can purchase your meals online before your trip  in our marketplace shopping page.
  2. You can purchase alcoholic beverages through Indulge Jamaica and have them delivered to the villa ahead of your arrival
  3. Another option is for you to shop for groceries and have our chef prepare your meals. Food shopping in Jamaica is usually a combination of grocery stores, roadside vendors, farmers markets, and large produce markets. This is where our staff excels and will be of immense help to you.
  4. Our chef will help you plan your meals so that specific items are available for you on arrival. An initial credit account can be established for you and purchases made,  will be charged to your final billing before check-out. 

Although Jamaica is an island of produce, fruits, ground provisions, etc., pre-packaged foods are not cheap by any means. Our staff can purchase local brands which tend to be less expensive, than imported options.  Please let us know if you have preferences in brands.

On average, families of eight are spending approximately $75-$100 USD per person daily.  This is influenced by your choice of food, alcohol and the number of guests, and number of meals daily.