Jamaican cuisine includes a mixture of cooking techniques, flavors, spices and influences from the indigenous people on the island, and the Spanish, Irish, British, Africans, Indian and Chinese who have inhabited the island over time. It is also influenced by the crops introduced into the island from tropical Southeast Asia.

curry goat

Chicken Dishes

  • Jerk chicken (pieces of chicken seasoned with traditional pimento spices, slow cooked on wood. Can be mild or spicy)
  • Curried chicken (chicken seasoned with curry and traditional spices, cooked with potatoes and carrots)
  • Brown stew chicken (tender pieces of chicken steeped in a variety of tangy seasonings and slow cooked in a combination of vegetables and brown sauce)
  • Pineapple Chicken (pieces of chicken marinated in pineapple sauce and Jamaican spices for a juicy tender flavor)


  • Curried goat (mutton seasoned with traditional curry and cooked with a variety of spices)
  • Oxtail (boned-in beef braised in sauce with beans)
  • Stewed peas (red kidney beans in a thick sauce with meat, can be oxtail or pigs tail. A vegetarian version can be prepared on request)
  • Jerk pork (chunks of pork marinated in traditional jerk spices, can be mild or spicy)
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  • Escoveitched fish (deep fried fish served in tangy vinegar sauce with carrots, onion, bell peppers and scotch bonnet pepper. Can be prepared mild if preferred)
  • Steamed red snapper (cooked in a spicy broth with vegetables)
  • Snapper and Okra (steamed fish stuffed with okra – a flowering plant known for its health benefits – and cooked in a spicy broth with vegetables)
  • Curried Shrimp (shrimp cooked in Jamaican curry stew made with coconut milk, herbs and bell peppers)
  • Seasonal fish based upon availability and prepared to your liking (fried, steamed or baked)


  • Chicken
  • Gungo peas soup with or without chicken (gungo peas are also known as pigeon peas, a very common pea in tropical and subtropical regions)
  • Pepper Pot soup (long-simmered soup made with cuts of meat and vegetable – choice of chicken or beef)
  • Red bean & beef
  • Fish tea (a hearty soup made with choice of fresh fish – can be whole fish or fish fillet)
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  • Rice & Peas (rice with red kidney beans seasoned with scallions, thyme, scotch bonnet pepper and creamed coconut; a traditional Jamaican dish)
  • Rice with gungo peas (a variation of the traditional rice and peas; instead of kidney beans, pigeon peas are used)
  • Vegetable fried rice (rice and vegetables seasoned with Jamaican flavorings and fried in vegetable oil)
  • Seasoned rice (Considered a one pot meal; rice seasoned with Jamaican flavorings and vegetables; can be made with ackee, callaloo, or pumpkin for delicious vegetarian options or add in different meats to your liking – chicken, beef or pork)
  • Reggae Rice (also referred to as Jamaican ‘cook-up’ rice, which is a term used for making rice with whatever ingredient you have on hand. In this version, we combine rice, beans, and vegetables with a little coconut milk and curry powder for a zesty tropical flavor)
  • Festival (sweetened crispy fried dumpling; considered a street food and usually pairs well with escoveitched fish)
  • Steamed mixed vegetables
  • Steamed cabbage
  • Chop Suey (Jamaican twist on traditional Chinese stir fry. Can be made from a variety of meats, including chicken, pork or beef, or vegetarian options with Jamaican spices and flavorings)


Note: All ingredients are locally sourced unless specifically requested