• Ackee & SaltfishJamaica’s national dish (ackee fruit with salted cod fish)
  • Callaloo (leaf vegetable seasoned with tomatoes, onions and scallions. Salted cod fish can be added)
  • Mackerel ‘run-down’ (mackerel with coconut milk and seasoned with herbs, cooked and thickened to a creamy custard consistency)
  • Cabbage & Corned Beef (stir fried cabbage and corned beef with authentic Jamaican seasoning)
  • Porridge (crushed or chopped starchy plant cooked in water, milk or coconut milk, with sweet flavorings, e.g. Nutmeg and Cinnamon. Choose from corn meal, banana, plantain or peanut. Served hot).

**Continental breakfast can be provided per your request

Jamaican Green Banana Plantain Porridge recipe


  • Fried dumplings (savory bread-style side, made from dough with baking powder and butter)
  • Savory fritters (fried dough with peppers, onions, can be made with or without cod fish)
  • Fried Bammy (Jamaican flatbread made with grated cassava, dipped in coconut milk and fried until golden brown)
  • Fried sweet plantains (Banana type fruit fried until golden brown)
  • Breadfruit (roasted, baked, fried or boiled)
  • Boiled Yams (a variety of starchy tuberous root vegetable)
  • Boiled sweet potatoes (sweet starchy tuberous root vegetable)
  • Boiled green bananas
  • Fruit platter (seasonal fruits, e.g. pineapples, papayas, watermelon, oranges)
  • Fruit smoothie (made from seasonal fruits, e.g. pineapples, papayas, bananas)