sweet potatoe pudding

Jamaican puddings are a favorite Jamaican dessert.  The sweet potato pudding is a traditional favorite sometimes referred to as “hell on top, hell on the bottom, hallelujah in the middle” to describe the “divine” taste.

 All meals are served family-style: 6-8 people

porridge blue

Porridge with our breakfast meal is a typical Jamaican tradition.  Favorites are crushed or chopped starchy items cooked in water, milk or coconut milk, with sweet flavorings, e.g.nutmeg, and cinnamon and served hot.

Choices include:


* banana – will be served at your first breakfast 

plantain or


Hominy (corn)

All meals are served family-style: 6-8 people


This is a morning meal that offers lighter food items to the traditional Jamaican breakfast.




Assorted Fruit Platter

Coffee/Teas/Hot Chocolate

Green Banana Porridge

All meals are served family-style: 6-8 people

vegan breakfast

Callaloo (leaf vegetable seasoned with tomatoes, onions, and scallions.

Served with:

Boiled green bananas, and yams (tubular roots)

Fried Ripe Plantains (likeness to bananas)

Platter of assorted season fruits

All meals are served family-style: 6-8 people


itti Barry Villa recommends making your personal selections by ordering through Indulge Concierge Jamaica, Ltd  

Your order will be delivered directly to the Villa.  Please note that your villa name and destination should be provided under “Address” when filling out the shipping information. Use postal code 00000 for Jamaica.


You may also, on your arrival, you may prefer to personally shop for your liquor in stores of your choice.




IMG 7508

Drinking teas have long been enjoyed in Jamaica as a colonial pass time.  For many Jamaicans, there is nothing like a good cup of ‘bush tea’. It is the preferred unofficial medicine for almost all their ailments. While their medicinal purposes are debatable, some of these popular Jamaican teas are perfect for spurring that hearty belch (burp) after breakfast, dinner or bedtime.  At itti Barry Villa, a variety of tea choices is served for your drinking pleasure.

pour over rotated

Blue Mountain coffee is noted for its mild flavor and lack of bitterness.  It one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a globally protected certification mark, meaning only coffee certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica can be labeled as such. It comes from a recognized growing region in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica, and its cultivation is monitored by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.  At itti Barry Villa, Blue Mountain Coffee is served using the pour-over method which enhances the flavors of the coffee.  Your first pound of Blue Mountain Coffee is included in your stay.